9) Solar technology

Reports, peer-reviewed studies, government and private publications, etc., on solar technology. Most recent at the top.

Solar roads?

The Fusion Driven Rocket: Solar powered space flight

The Solar Impulse: Flight without fossil fuels

Ultra-thin high-efficiency organic solar cells from Princeton

GTM Research: Third year of triple-digit growth in US solar PV market

From the editors of real clear energy: US solar installations rising rapidly

Forbes’ James Conca on the direct costs of solar energy

Dave Roberts interview Mike Leibreich on the future of solar energy

Justin Hall-Tipping discusses nanotechnology and grid-free solar energy

Univ. of Florida physicists set new graphene cell solar efficiency record: 8.6%

T. T. Chow (2010) on photovoltaic/thermal hybrid solar technology

Bloomberg: German solar installs

Think Progress: Chinese solar imports

Donald Sadoway TED talk on liquid metal battery technology

3D solar towers

Forbes: Obama’s solar policy on Chinese panels


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