2) Table of contents

All is well

Illumination proclamation

For the love of wisdom

Ancient magic lives here still

It doesn’t matter what we call “climate change”

The Path of Totality

The lessons of island time

The true loss of Paris

“Re-coupling science and policy” — an elaboration

The age of reason is dead

Two Problems of Climate Ethics: Can we Lose the Planet but Save Ourselves?

Fracking and environmental (in)justice in a Texas city

Debunk the delusion! Ecologize the economy!

Don’t reduce me bro

Creatures of habit

On identity, relativism, socio-legal equality, teleology, and religion in society: A critique of “In response to: On non-heterosexuality, religious absurdity, heteronormativity, human dignity, love, and freedom

On non-heterosexuality, religious absurdity, heteronormativity, human dignity, love, and freedom

Does distance matter?

The Antarctic meltdown: Shutdown the meltdown

The Antarctic meltdown: On top of the world

The Antarctic meltdown: Antarctic loss and damage

The Antarctic meltdown: The ethics of rising sea level (II)

The Antarctic meltdown: The ethics of rising sea level (I)

The conservative confusion

Scottish waves and Texas wind

The Antarctic meltdown: Prime real estate!

Wet and wild weather

A greener White House

Our new hydroverlords

Are we lobsters?

The popular apocalypse, ctd.

The popular apocalypse

The ideology and politics of fracking in an image

To frack or not to frack? That is the question

Congress’ assault on knowledge

Texas is doing it right

The ethics of Ambient Persuasive Technology and the idea of environmental policy

Does being anti-fossil fuels mean being anti-modern?

Mars in 30 days? Solar powered space flight

Human consciousness: The normative question and the creation of value

The Solar Impulse! Flight without fossil fuels

Listen up utilitarians! Friedman’s “win-win-win-win-win”

Wilson’s time machine


And I didn’t even know it

Solar panels for all, precautionary or proactionary?

Ultra-thin high-efficiency organic solar cells from Princeton

Sierra Leonean prodigy comes to MIT

A prognosis of T. Boone Picken’s LNG vehicle future

Science Progress publicizes study of beliefs about hydraulic fracturing for natural gas

To Frack or Not to Frack

Geo-ancestral politics

A short thought on doing philosophy

Ambiguous policy language

A letter to the Denton City Council

Non-arbitrary v. arbitrary – axiologically speaking

Is electricity a non-arbitrary need?

The roots of oppression

Tidal power makes waves in Maine

Is Denton fracked?

Third year of triple-digit growth in US solar PV market

When in RoME…

I agree with almost everything, but…

All roads lead to RoME

Solar in the southwest

The continuousity of evolution and naturalization

Fracked ideologies

US solar installs

Debunking “climategate”

Dave Roberts on the future of solar

We need a knowledgeable nudge

When ideals lead to no deals

Justin Hall-Tipping on grid-free solar energy and nanotechnology

On companionship

University of Florida’s record-setting graphene solar cells

Sadoway’s liquid metal battery

New progress

The ecological absurd

Progress, simplicity, and contentment

If Occam were an environmentalist…

The sense of freedom

On our cosmic significance

Silly nihilist…

The problems of society – Part two

The problems of society – Part one

The most pressing non-environmental, environmental issue

Hope amidst the cynicism

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