Being, Volume I

Being, Volume I is the first of the Being book series of poetry and philosophy on consciousness, love, nature, life, death, happiness, being human, and the Universe by Aris Yogi, Ph.D. 

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The verses of Being offer a collection of guideposts exploring the spiritual and philosophical dimensions of consciousness through yoga, meditation (dhyana), and concentration (dharana). Inspired by practice, study, and teaching, contained within are written accounts of inner experiences of unconditional love, compassion, non-linear time, reality, and the Oneness of the Universe. They represent Aris’ ongoing spiritual work and efforts to transform into language the feelings and realizations he receives through philosophy and spirituality that they may be helpful to the self-discovery and happiness of others.

And I didn’t even know it

Get it together people.

It’s not so hard to not be so evil,

or selfish,

or to make others feel helpless.

We’ve got to love each other,

all parts equal,

cause in this life there is no sequel.

I look down on dogmatism,

and politicians,

making bad decisions.

I will not forget the lives we’ve lost,

to idealism and malnutrition.

So many dead,

and fatally hurt,

but that’s okay cause we shoot ’em with a good bullet from a good gun and use a good shovel to bury ’em in the good dirt.

Life’s too short to live superficially.

Love isn’t made artificially,

or with a battery,

or on the TV.

It’s a face-to-face endeavor,

that means both pain and pleasure.

So we take the good with the bad,

the happy with the sad,

we break bread and break necks,

and then it’s right back to sex.

The focus is fading and the message evading,

but the world keeps moving,

faster than I can run,

and so I reflect, quietly, with my face to the sun.