Sadoway’s liquid metal battery

The Sun’s energy contribution to the Earth is more than enough than what would be necessary to power the modern world. But there are two technological hurdles to solar society. On one hand, solar panels need to be more efficient. On the other, solar energy is intermittent and human demand is not, which means that we need good batteries to store solar power when its available. But so far, our batteries aren’t so good.

Donald Sadoway and a group at MIT are currently working to fix the latter problem with liquid metal battery technology. Sadoway’s presentation is so impressive I couldn’t not share it. Can his team find the missing link to alternative energy?

JM Kincaid

9 thoughts on “Sadoway’s liquid metal battery

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  2. Don’t forget things like Wind and Tidal. All intermittent energy requires storage.

    I think V2G is the most promising tech on this front.

    • Of course, it would be impossible to forget about wind and tidal, they’re very attractive renewable energy sources. I just happened to be talking about solar. And yes, V2G is a very interesting development — here’s a paper on it: technology

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